• Provides a full spectrum solution for surgeon preferred entry techniques: Expandable, Hasson, Optical/Bladeless and Blind
  • Least invasive entry at 3mm diameter
  • Seamless, dynamic intraprocedural expansion from 3-5-12mm with minimal tissue trauma
  • Enables a conservative approach for tackling emergencies and difficult patient anatomy
  • Superior retention in patient throughout procedure
  • Enables full range of instrumentation
Xpan Universal Trocar System 3mm


  • Lack of standardized trocar options and entry techniques
  • 50% of complications are caused by excessive use of force during trocar entry
  • Current intraprocedural trocar conversions to larger diameters introduce patient risk and disrupt the procedural workflow
  • Conventional large diameter trocars cause worse scarring, post-operative pain and a higher risk of port-site hernias
  • Frequent trocar slippage introduces operating room disruptions and inefficiencies
  • Limited instrumentation options due to fixed diameter trocars

Xpan Universal Trocar System Infographic

The Xpan Universal Trocar System has not received regulatory approval or clearance in any jurisdiction and is not for sale. Details about the Xpan Universal Trocar System are being provided as general company information only and should not be construed as product or service advertisement.


We believe that less is more, and smaller is better when it comes to minimally invasive surgery (MIS). We work with forward thinking MIS clinicians, innovative designers and engineers to redefine MIS access. To achieve this, we are developing a miniaturized, universal, expandable trocar system.